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Textbook of Epilepsy Surgery (English Edition)

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Textbook of Epilepsy Surgery covers all of the latest advances in the surgical management of epilepsy. The book provides a thorough understanding of epileptogenic mechanisms in etiologically different types of epilepsy and explains neuronavigation systems. It discusses new neuroimaging techniques, new surgical strategies, and more aggressive surgical approaches in cases with catastrophic epilepsies. The contributors also analyze the improved statistics of surgical outcome in different epilepsy types.

The book follows a systematic approach to the diagnostic evaluation of patients who are candidates for epilepsy surgery. It first discusses the general principles of surgery, and then describes the presurgical evaluation according to the six zones (symptomatogenic, irritative, ictal onset, epileptic lesion, functional deficit, and epileptogenic zone). This series of chapters concludes with the description of the Epilepsy Surgery Management Meeting, an essential and indispensable part of the surgical evaluation.

The book next incorporates detailed discussions of the cortical mapping techniques and the numerous surgical techniques. This is followed by the post-surgical medical management and a discussion of the surgical outcome. Finally, selected case studies are presented, along with protocols for the storage and processing of brain tissue for molecular studies. This definitive textbook is an invaluable reference for neurologists, neurosurgeons, epilepsy specialists, and those interested in epilepsy and its surgical treatment.

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