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Simply Keto: Weight Loss Ketogenic Diet Beginners Guide! (Low Carb Diet, High Fat Diet, Fat As Fuel, Keto For Beginners, Short Book) (English Edition)

per Ellie Dawn

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New to Keto Diet?

Want to understand how can you lose weight by eating fat?
This book has been made exactly for you!

More than anything, what you can put in mind about the Ketogenic Diet is that it is a high-fat, low-carb diet. All the principle of this diet is built on limiting the intake of carbohydrates. With usual diet when carbohydrates get inside, your body converts it into glucose - which in turn is converted into energy. But when the body only gets a low number of carbs, it naturally goes into the metabolic state called Ketosis. Instead of glucose, the liver converts fat into molecules called ?ketones,? which the brain uses for energy. So, basically, your body starts to use your own fat as a source of energy. 

Anyway, it sure sounds confusing, doesn?t it? Well, don?t worry because the Ketogenic Diet is not all that complicated, actually. With the help of this book, you?ll learn what exactly the Ketogenic Diet is about, how it could help in weight loss, and how you could say goodbye to belly fat?even by taking fats!

Not only that, you?d also discover how to make the most delicious recipes that could help you enjoy this diet and make it easy!


Let's look at what you'll learn with this book!

  • What is Ketogenic Diet, it's basic concept and benefits

  • Discover what is Ketosis, why it's so important and how to reach it

  • The full list of products which you should eat

  • Products to avoid while on Keto

  • Some secrets and Keto tips how to make your diet the most effective

  • Find out common Ketogenic Diet mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Discover what is the Keto lifestyle and why you should consider doing Keto long-term

  • The list of my favorite Keto recipes to fall in love with this food!

I put all my knowledge, passion, energy and hopes into this book and my main goal - is to help YOU to achieve YOUR goal about a beautiful and strong body. I worked hard to make this book short and easy to read, but super practical.

I hope you will enjoy it and get answers to most questions you have!
Just grab a copy for a limited time discount of only $2.99! and open The Keto World today!


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