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The 6 Habits for Losing Weight (Metabolic Health Publications Book 4) (English Edition)

per Josie Smythe-Rivers

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Strong evolutionary factors mean our bodies try to maintain our highest weight. This means it's often very difficult to achieve long-term weight loss. Chronic calorie restriction slows the metabolism--often for years after we stop counting calories. This evolutionary reality means that nearly all diets fail because they do not improve our metabolic health and nutrition.

In this guide, historian of science and nutrition researcher Josie Smythe-Rivers gives you the 6 habits that make up a permanent, sustainable, evidence-based eating and lifestyle plan that is flexible and designed to improve your health while you lose weight.

Weight gain is often the result of too many easily digestible carbohydrates, consumption of which has increased significantly in the last 5 decades. These are the foods the body ends up storing as fat. These foods also bypass the body's satiety signaling processes, so we don't get the signal that we're full. These foods are also responsible for raising blood pressure, raising blood sugar, increasing triglycerides and lowering "good" HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol.

Our powerful evolutionary vulnerabilities such as storing fat and seeking out sweet foods make it especially difficult to lose weight when our intake of easily digestible carbohydrates has increased by nearly 30% in the last 50 years. Further, we?re also gaining weight because of macronutrient and micronutrient imbalances, lack of fiber, sleep deprivation, and an excessively sedentary culture, including workplace culture.

This concise guide gives you the 6 interrelated, proven habits that support our evolutionary and metabolic processes so you lose the weight without slowing your metabolism. Combining historical analysis with current research in insulin resistance, food as medicine, and diabetes, Smythe-Rivers guides you through these 6 habits that result in weight loss as part of improving your metabolic health.

Most importantly, maintaining these 6 habits ensures you won?t gain the weight back!

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